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Dale Malcolm Agencies Pty Ltd offers a range of Textiles (Upholstery Fabrics/Wall Coverings/Furnishings and Carpet Tiles) from Companies listed below.
You will find images of most of the products mentioned in this segment.
Samples/ Fabrics Books /Brochures are available upon request, additional sampling can be sourced from overseas should requests be made for special colors/bespoke designs or larger swatches/carpet tiles.

BLAFO ( France) Trevira CS FR
A vast collection of velvet and woven fabrics - crushed, embossed, printed in jacquards in classic and contemporary style.
The BLAFO collections are designed to meet the tough technical requirements specific to the seating and stage industries.
Opera de Paris, Le Theatre des Champs Elysees, L'Assemblee Nationale Paris.
Fire retardant fabrics using TREVIRA CS are suitable for use in hotels, concert halls, cinemas, theatres, restaurants and other public spaces.

BAYREUTH 7510 CS, Gaufre Aurore (Lurex)
SATURNE 7510 CS Embossed, Crushed
SATURNE 7510 CS Paillettes Cosmos / Pailettes Vagues

SOFT FURNISHINGS - diverse portfolio of soft furnishing products in both cotton, polyester and voiles, in a variety of weights making them suitable for application in the following sectors -
Commercial, Healthcare, Education & Hospitality.

Cosmopolitan - Severe Contract Upholstery (>100,000 rubs) Flame Retardant and Easy to Clean

Healthcare - Antimicrobial "Xstatic" FR polyester/ Antimicrobial FR Upholstery -Fabrics are designed to meet the stringent performance, flammability and safety requirements for both primary and secondary healthcare environments, whilst maintaining their aesthetic properties.

"Creations" is the new digital print from Gradus UK, total design flexibility combined with a unique "Linen Look" TREVIRA CS base cloth LISBON. In addition to the standard offer, the flexibility extends to designers to develop bespoke fabric designs for relatively small volumes.

GRADUS Carpet Tiles - SDN 500 x 500 format
Sq Mile - Stylish carpet tile, cut pile construction with style, 27 contemporary colors
Cityscene - Textured loop pile design, installed either quarter turn or brick bond
Adventurer - PVC Backing is completely recyclable (cradle to cradle) ER3
Predator - Loop pile carpet, offers a hard wearing solution
Sahara - Structured loop pile carpet, offers outstanding castor chair performance