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Dale Malcolm Agencies Pty Ltd is able to offer Glass from the Companies listed below for application within Architectural Spaces and for Glass Art.

Displayed in this segment are images of Dichroic Glass, Antique Mirrors and Precious Mosaics.
Samples/ Brochures are available upon request

DICHROIC GLASS - arranged in an artistic manner can give life to a design and provide a bridge between today and the future.

Vibrant colours that inspire, the colour of the glass is changed by lighting, sun, clouds or by the change of the viewing angles, the glass gives life to its environment and surprises and amazes its viewers.
The interaction of light transmission and reflection on dichroic glass cannot be matched by any other product.
Dichroic glass is an outstanding design element due to its high light permeability, temperature stability and the colour options.

The product range comprises of variations of special brightly coloured lacquers which are manually applied to the glass and a high quality of silver is used to accentuate the colours and brilliance.
Hand decorated with abstract, multicoloured patterns.

Eco Friendly Mosaics - A combination of organic and synthetic materials has produced these unique and stunning mosaics. Mother of Pearl /Shell segments have been recycled and encapsulated in glass.
The technique developed by Precious Tiles (South Africa) ensures a high gloss surface finish with exceptional durability, chemical resistance, non yellowing properties, gloss retention and abrasion resistance.